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Beaver Man–Newsworthy or Not?

There’s a gentleman I’d like to tell you about. Let’s protect his right to privacy and call him Beaver Man. This particular guy has a goal: to make it into the pages of his local weekly newspaper–one way or another.

My husband is the editor of this local weekly newspaper. And he has rejected Beaver Man at least three–maybe even four–times. Beaver Man is getting frustrated. All the guy wants is a photo in the paper.

The problem? He keeps bringing in roadkill specimens he claims to have “found” to pose with him.

I wish I were making this up. However, I think there’s something we can learn from Beaver Man. There’s a lot of individuals and companies out there who want to generate press for themselves. Hey–that’s part of my job. Packaging information into news nuggets so that communication happens. Public relations–don’t you just love it?

Back to Beaver Man. He’s persistent. He started out with a beaver, then brought in a coyote and came back a third time with another beaver. All in various stages of decomp. “Have you ever seen such a large beaver in your life?” Ok, he’s attempting to find a news angle here–man finds record-setting beaver on roadside. He’s even offered the journalist a bribe: “I’d be willing to come in and buy five or six newspapers if my picture is in the paper.”

The result? Nada, zip, zilch. Veteran Journalist/husband is unmoved by Beaver Man’s quest for immortality in newsprint. He comes home muttering about Beaver Man and the kinds of people you sometimes encounter in small, Southern towns. (Note to readers: I am from a small, Southern town. He mutters about me and my “kin” a lot, too.)

I believe there is probably a way Beaver Man could have taken out the “ewww” factor of his gruesome discoveries and found a way to accomplish his dream of press coverage. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of ingenuity, a creative twist on the ordinary (what you found on the roadside) versus what you create.

I’m just throwing out some options here (Beaver Man is NOT a client). He could have figured out a way to partner with the science labs in the schools for potential dissection. Forget the frogs and cats–this guy can deliver beavers and coyotes and goodness-knows-what-else. Maybe a call to the Department of Natural Resources to find out if something peculiar is happening to the local population of beavers. Another thought: he could make a monetary donation to animal conservation based on his experience, and take that “story” to the newspaper. Even going to the library and creating a Facebook page to discuss local wildlife and conservation–ANIMAL LOVERS UNITE!

Beaver Man has the same goal that a lot of people do: create an opportunity for his 15 minutes of fame. We just all take a different approach and often achieve different results or reaction.

Which leads me to this….wonder what type of animal will be coming into the newspaper office next week?

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