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Remembering My First Political Campaign

I guess I was about 12 years old when I participated in my first political campaign. I can still remember standing at the polls, handing out small pieces of paper and saying over and over again: “Sharon Smith Pennell for School Board.”

Now, I wasn’t able to vote. And I only knew Sharon Smith Pennell, an attractive blonde lady, by sight. But she was a friend of my dad’s–and he signed us up to volunteer at the polls. That endorsement was enough for me. If Wayne felt that strongly about her, she was clearly the best person for the job. I was an enthusiastic, albeit short, voice of encouragement and persuasion.

A lot of time has passed since then–in fact, that may have been the only political campaign I have ever “volunteered” for. But I can still remember it. And remembering how much I wanted her to win–which she did.

In fact, Sharon Smith Pennell went on to serve the Caldwell County School Board for 26 years. A couple days ago, I heard that she died last week after battling breast cancer. You can read all about Sharon and  the difference she made:  http://newstopic.net/view/full_story/7383619/article-A-legacy-left-behind?instance=most_recommended

It’s going to be hard to top my first campaign pick.

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