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Capable Hands…

…are you in them?

I had an epiphany the other day—one of those times when a clique actually becomes real and has meaning.

In talking with a client during a strategy session, we were discussing personality types. As I looked down as my client is gesturing to make a point, I saw something familiar. Capable hands.

It wasn’t something I had ever noticed before, even though we’ve known each other for a while. But her hands looked like they were capable of…digging in the dirt…wiping away a client’s insecurity…swimming several miles in the pool. And her hands are capable of all those things, and much more.

Those are the type of hands you want to trust. Hands that aren’t afraid to get dirty, or climb down into a pit with you. This client is a minister as well as a life coach. She understands the boundaries of confidentiality, the fears and insecurities that can come from impending change or disaster. When you work with her, you are in very capable hands.

I can identify with those hands because I too have capable hands. They’re not going to be picked for hand modeling, and I could certainly use a manicure. However, my hands are strong. Able to dig in and hold on to the twists and turns of life. Definitely substance over style.

Realizing the shared bond with my client gave me the chance to look down and my hands and give them a different label. Capable hands. I’ll take it.

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